Amber & Adam's Engagement Session || Valley Forge National Park, PA

December 16, 2016  •  1 Comment

This session was so ridiculously sweet and fun.  Amber and Adam are such a great match!  We met at the amazing Valley Forge National Historical Park.  With Adam being a history buff and Amber wanting to get some great fall colors and leaves, this location offered images of both beautiful nature and historic architecture and was perfect for their engagement session!  We got really lucky with the weather although the wind did start to pick up towards the end of our photo shoot.  We had a lot of fun with this lovely couple and their playful pup Kahja (a sweet 6 month old German Shepherd).

Amber and Adam, thank you so very much!  You two are so funny and so kind and we really enjoyed hanging out with you!  Congrats you guys!!  :)

DSC_4182.jpgDSC_4182.jpg DSC_4184.jpgDSC_4184.jpg DSC_4196.jpgDSC_4196.jpg
DSC_4211.jpgDSC_4211.jpg DSC_4216.jpgDSC_4216.jpg DSC_4246.jpgDSC_4246.jpg DSC_4224.jpgDSC_4224.jpg DSC_4228.jpgDSC_4228.jpg DSC_4255.jpgDSC_4255.jpg DSC_4273.jpgDSC_4273.jpg DSC_4278.jpgDSC_4278.jpg DSC_4282.jpgDSC_4282.jpg DSC_4297.jpgDSC_4297.jpg DSC_4299.jpgDSC_4299.jpg DSC_4317.jpgDSC_4317.jpg DSC_4326.jpgDSC_4326.jpg DSC_4346.jpgDSC_4346.jpg DSC_4361.jpgDSC_4361.jpg DSC_4336.jpgDSC_4336.jpg DSC_4360.jpgDSC_4360.jpg DSC_4373.jpgDSC_4373.jpg DSC_4380.jpgDSC_4380.jpg DSC_4396.jpgDSC_4396.jpg DSC_4389.jpgDSC_4389.jpg DSC_4413.jpgDSC_4413.jpg DSC_4417.jpgDSC_4417.jpg DSC_4431.jpgDSC_4431.jpg DSC_4435.jpgDSC_4435.jpg DSC_4449.jpgDSC_4449.jpg DSC_4454.jpgDSC_4454.jpg DSC_4459.jpgDSC_4459.jpg

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Phil Bourne(non-registered)
Very nice! The place is just perfect for this couple.
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