Matthew & Rik's Wedding || Luckenbach Mill, Bethlehem, PA

October 18, 2016  •  2 Comments

Matthew and Rik had their unique wedding and Celtic handfasting ceremony in Luckenbach Mill in Historic Bethlehem, PA.  I would describe their celebration as intimate and charming.  We started our day at The Fox and The Finch Vintage Rental Photography Studio.  There we were able to take some very picturesque portraits of Matthew and Rik and their "Circle of Friends".  Matthew and Rik wanted to incorporate their love of Harry Potter into their wedding and they did so by wearing Harry Potter socks, including wizard wands, and a custom Daily Prophet Wedding Announcement.  They even made their beautiful succulent boutonnières.  Along with their boutonnières they wore matching pins in memory of their beloved dog Aska. 

Their ceremony and outdoor portraits took place around the Bethlehem Colonial Industrial Quarter.  It was quirky, much like them, had a Moravian vibe, and it was filled with natural elements.  They had the most amazing wedding bands that I have ever seen.  They found an artist in Poland who turns coins into jewelry and they had sent him a Harry Potter coin and a Star Wars coin for their custom wedding rings.  Instead of having a traditional reception they decided to go with a formal sit down dinner with their close family and friends.  As entertainment during dinner they had a cellist and a violinist playing classical music.  Overall, Matthew and Rik's wedding day was very stylish and elegant.

Thank you Matthew and Rik for letting us be a part of your special day!  It was beautiful and we really enjoyed ourselves.  You guys are amazing and CONGRATS again!!! 

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Venue: Luckenbach Mill

Portraits: The Fox & The Finch Vintage Rentals

Grooms & Groomsmen Attire: C. E. Roth Formal Wear

Catering: Simply Smooth Catering

Cake: Vegan Treats


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Thank you so much for all the beautiful photos. Thank you for getting to know Rik and Matt and capturing them perfectly. It was a wonderful day and I am so happy we have these photos to remember it so well. I smiled all the way through each photo.
Wanda Kalencki(non-registered)
Great pictures!!! A truly lovely celebration of love. Congratulations!
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